Guide to Delete Yahoo Mail Account Permanently

Delete Yahoo Mail Account: Yahoo Mail is the best social networking site that has become quite popular. It is used by the number of peoples all over the globe. Yahoo is actually a messaging site that is mostly used for official purposes. It has been quite a secure messaging site for years. But now there are some issues that the people are facing while using the Yahoo account.

Like there had been more than five hundred million yahoo accounts hacked. The yahoo account hacked has become a serious security issue for its users. So many people are now interested in closing down or deleted their Yahoo account. The process of deleted your Yahoo mail account is quite simple and could be easily done by the users. 

Guide to Delete Yahoo Mail Account Permanently ?

Yahoo mail

Yahoo mail

Are you willing to delete your Yahoo mail as an account? Do you want to know how to delete your Yahoo mail account? If yes, then do not worry as you are in the right place. Here you will get the complete guide about terminating your Yahoo mail account. Deleting a Yahoo mail account includes some very simple steps. But before deleting your Yahoo mail account, make yourself prepared about the results.

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Because if you delete your Yahoo mail account, then you will also lose your access to your account, and most importantly, your emails will be removed. If you are deciding to delete your Yahoo mail account, then the essential thing that you must do is to cancel a paid subscription. Canceling any paid subscription is essential to do before deleting your Yahoo mail account in order to stop or avoid any unexpected payment. 

Things that are related with deleting your Yahoo mail account

  • If you have deleted your Yahoo mail account, then no will be able to send you any mail in your Yahoo account. Like if anyone is trying to send you any mail, they will automatically get a delivery failed message.
  • If you have closed deleted your Yahoo mail account with any paid subscription, then there might be any automatic charges generated. Because closing a Yahoo account will not cancel automatic charges that are associated with the account. So you need to cancel the automatic charges that are associated with your account before deleting your account.
  • The deleting process of the Yahoo account may take forty days to complete. And in some of the countries, it might take more than forty days like in Australia and New Zealand it takes about ninety days.
  • In case if you want to recover your Yahoo mail account during the deletion process, then do not worry as you could reactivate your Yahoo mail account. But in this process, you won’t be able to access the emails that were received during the deactivation process.
  • Even after the Yahoo account is fully deleted, it might be possible that some of the data may remain in the records.
  • If you delete your Yahoo mail account, then you will also lose Yahoo settings, Flickr account, Photos, messages, and other related things to your account.

Delete Yahoo Mail Account Permanently 

Deleting a Yahoo mail account is simple and easy, as Yahoo has provided some easy process. Due to lots of data breaches, people have been deleting their Yahoo mail account. The data breaches could cost the users to a great extent, like their personal information. The user’s personal data like account details, email content, bank account details, passwords, and much more confidential information could be hacked in Yahoo account due to data breaches. Before deleting your Yahoo account, you must upgrade it to the new Flicker login system because it is essential.

There are some of the easy and simple steps to delete Yahoo mail account like as mentioned below:

  1. In the first step visit, you’re “Terminating your Yahoo account’ page in your Yahoo account.
  2. Then log in to your Yahoo account by entering your user ID and password in order to open it for the further process. After entering your Yahoo account Id and password, enter the CAPTCHA code. You could also use the Account key set up if you have any to log in through authenticate code.  
  3. In the next step, you will get a text, and you need to read the text completely and properly so that you could consider the text before deleting your Yahoo account. After reading the text, click on continue.
  4. Now you need to enter your email address once again in a particular place. After entering your email address, click on ‘yes, terminate this account.’ Now your account deletion process has started.


After following the above steps, your account will be deleted, but it may take some time to close your account by Yahoo completely. By following the above steps by techlogintips, you will easily be able to delete your Yahoo account.   

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