Best Ways to Promote Website on Social Media & Get Social Traffic

Promote Website on Social Media & get Social Traffic : Creating a website is just the beginning of a long-run process. All efforts applied for building it will go into vain if nobody looks into it. Waiting for customers to reach the website through google makes no sense when you can promote it successfully through social media. 

Making a successful promotion may take a bit of time and proper execution. But it is highly necessary to choose the correct steps at the right time. Creating a presence in social media will help a lot for the growth of the website. It is a better way to connect with the audience and to reach out to maximum customers. Social media can build brand recognition and aid in gaining popularity among people.

Best Ways to Promote Website on Social Media & Get Social Traffic

Promote Website on Social Media & Get Social Traffic

Promote Website on Social Media & Get Social Traffic

An easy way to create social media presence is to get available on each social media platform like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. There are also other platforms that you can utilize to enhance your website promotion. For example:

  • YouTube: You can share a video about content on your website.
  • Pinterest: Here, you can post website stuff through pictures.
  • Facebook: Sharing the Website Links on Facebook will helps you Get Traffic from facebook.
  • Twitter: One of the best Social Network which bring you traffic with the help of Hashtags
  • Snapchat: Posting videos about your content in an exciting way.
  • Tumblr: Create blogs relate to websites and attract a sufficient amount of audience there.
  • Reddit: Search community where you can have a dedicated audience related to your website.

How To Promote Website On Social Media

There are also various other options available where you can promote your website. Always focus on driving more traffic through social media.

Here are seven ways to drive social traffic for a website promotion on social media.

Start with filling out your profile:

The first thing people notice is profile. The more precise and informative profile of your page will be, the more people will look into it. Do not leave any space blank in your profile. Attractively fill every information as it will gather visitors. 

A profile gives a lot of information about your content and keeps the same profile page name on every social media site. Having different profile pages hampers the clarity of the profile.

Always put backlinks on the profile, so if someone is interested can directly visit the website. It is also easier for visitors to access the website for further information.

Cross Promotion on other channels:

When people look into one of the social media accounts, reminding them to follow on different social platforms makes it more effective. Simply adding links to other social media profiles and asking followers to go through other pages is a great marketing technique. People will see more information about your website, and eventually, you will gather more audience.

Cross-promotion is one of the essential tools of marketing. Sentences like follow us on other sites having a link of other social media accounts are a way of reminding followers to visit other profiles too.

Effective use of Trending Hashtags:

Look for hashtags that are currently trending. Use those hashtags while posting anything about website content. So that when someone will go through hashtags, your page information will be available. It will gain the attention of the audience, and the popularity of your page will be more.

Make a Contest that can be on Social Media:

Everybody likes gifts and giveaways. Conducting an exciting contest will draw the attention of people, and you can use that attention for website promotion.

A contest will gather a lot of traffic, and you can also give a bonus to the participants who will further share with other people through links. From there, you get a lot of contacts and email addresses of people in which you can share more about your website.

Use more Visual Content:

It is observed that content with images gains more attention than written content. Scrolling down social media feed is easy. Contents full of sentences are ignored by many, whereas an image catches the eyes of people.

Add content with visuals that stand out and helps potential customers to visit your site.

Correct time to Post:

The excellent time to post is when your potential customers will be active. It is the peak time for your targeted audience to view your post. Otherwise, it will be lost among all other posts. 

Strategize the time of your audience and analyze your customers to get benefit from it.

Promotion through Advertisements:

Do not hesitate to invest money on ads and sponsorships as it helps to get many customers. Advertising your website on various social media sites directs a huge amount of traffic to your site. 


All these tips by Techlogintips will be help in driving social media traffic towards your website. But always remember to be consistent and follow your strategies to see effective results.

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