Top 10 Best Free Email Services in 2020 [Updated]

Free Email Services: We are in that era, where most of the communication is done through emails. Most of the marketing business is done through the mail. You may wonder still there are people who are paying their pockets out for web mail services. But many free Email providers extend their services for better communication.

While there are many free Email services, one needs to be keen in choosing the best one in the market. we are here to help and assist you in choosing the best for which will serve your needs better. This should be done based on a few characteristics like web-mail storage space, customer customization.

Now a day’s spam filters are one of the advanced features to look for while selecting the Email service provider. These spam filters add a great value for your time by directly filtering them out of your inbox. Reliability is one of the key features as the webmail downtime could lead to unhappy customers. Here let us discuss top 10 free web-mail service providers for your convinces that you can communicate through mails in the right way.

Top 10 Best Free Email Services in 2020 [Updated]

10 Best Free Email Services in 2020

10 Best Free Email Services in 2020

Yandex Mail:

This is a Russian based webmail service provider with cool features. They provide unlimited data storage. Yandex is designed in such a way that if the mail exceeds the 30MB limit it will automatically upload the file to cloud storage from which it can be downloaded by the customer. It has the feature of filtering the spams by which one can save his time by automatically deleting unnecessary emails. It comes to an Ad-free webmail provider with customized themes

This is yet another free web Based Email provider which helps to expand one’s business by allowing them to customize a domain name and create free business mails. This feature enables the business firm to add their domain name which helps them for a higher reach in the market. Though the space provided is very less, the other features like spam filters are in advanced versions which makes these web-mail providers rank in the top ten.


This is one of the top picks among the Email providers who extend their services for free. It has become the market leaders since it was launched in 2004 with more than a billion users across the world. It has opted the most for its web interface in which most of the space is allotted for the inbox. The organization of messages is user-friendly even for the first-time users.

These Free Email service providers are designed in such a way that the messages are automatically filtered according to the needs of the user. The storage space is limited to 15GB for inbox messages and photos. The main feature which makes it popular in the market is that it can be accessed offline through google chrome. The best part of these Email services is that the user can snooze an email for a specific time and send to the assigned person on time. With all these features Gmail has become an excellent webmail service provider in the market.

Zoho Mail

This Free Email service providers are meant for both personal and bossiness users. The storage data allotted is limited to 5Gb per user with an ad-free feature. The storage data can be renewed by payment option. The user can conveniently browse smoothly and access emails, bookmarks, calendars. It has a tabbed interface feature which enables the user to avoid cluttering. It gives the user an option to customize the look with a horizontal or vertical webmail preview panel. The user is free to choose the font with plain and rich texts.

It also comes with the spam filter option by creating a blacklist among emails which can be time friendly for the business users. The webmail is considered user-friendly because of its neatly arranged and grouped settings which allow for easy navigation. The tag and flag Email options are an additional feature. The ability to export and import contacts and mails has made these email providers as one of the leaders in the market.

This is considered one of the best webmail service providers with an efficient interface. It has the option for customized look of the email panels, themes, and actions done while composing webmail’s. Each email can be customized into primary or important by flagging and pinning the emails. Outlook has a unique feature to customize the emails by an automatic sorting feature which is a time saver. The storage provided is 15Gb to work with documents, notes and many other files. The option to use other social media accounts in the inbox makes it more user-friendly and many are shifting to because of its spam filtering option.

AOL This is one of the top-rated webmail service providers. It has a unique feature of spam detection and virus protection which makes it a competitor in the market. The most attractive feature is unlimited storage. It is great for daily users who send webmail daily.


This webmail service providers are unique with their ad-free option and have a storage data of 65Gb which is large for business users. GMX screens your spams regularly which will allow you to go through important emails which are useful for your business. It is made a market leader with its unique feature of email aliases with which the user can send a minimum of ten emails with different names which eliminate the use to create many email accounts. The mail collector option enables the user to manage the different mails in one dashboard.

Proton Mail

These webmail providers are considered one of the best-secured Free Email very keen on monitoring the spams and deleting them regularly. The storage space is unlimited which makes it user-friendly and business-friendly who are keen on expanding their business by sending webmail’s regularly to its customers.

Yahoo mail which was launched more than two decades ago has been ruling the Email service provider market in its way. It is considered one of the user-friendly with easy login access even for the first-time users. The storage space is as large as 1TB. With a sleek interface and user customization by choosing themes and outlook of the mails has made yahoo mail its best. It can create 500 Disposable email ids which have made yahoo a unique option to choose. The security provided by the webmail has made yahoo the rulers in the market.


The Tutanota is an encrypted email service provider. It gives a tough competition by its unique features like spam detection and destroying. It has a storage space of 1GB. This is an ad-free provider with an option of subscription to upgrade its features like the outlook and customization. Tutanota is well known for its privacy it provides with end to end encryption. the email send to other addresses require passwords. A subscribed account offers better options as well as the free version also is as popular and is considered a leader in the market.


We techlogintips,  have provided plenty of better options for the web-mail service providers. You can choose among the above based on your needs and requirements. while making choices you have to consider and explore all the features which are key for business success.

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