Create Account | AOL Mail Sign up & Login Guide

Hola guys, here is a complete tutorial for AOL mail Sign up & login from your PC/Laptop or mobile phone. Features of AOL Mail, advantages of having AOL account, Login issues & Complete AOL Mail Login guide is explained below.

AOL Mail



The AOL Mail is an absolutely freely available mail service meant for assisting users in making most of the customized mailing. enables the user in connecting with the family and relatives through the mail platform. The best part about AOL Mail is that it helps the user in enjoying a safe and fluid mailing experience. Apart from this, there are various features that make a distinguishing of its kind.

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For example, it provides access for the AOL Calendar through it. Moreover, it helps in smoothly organizing the mail. There are various other incredible features available with it as well. However, it is essential first to create an AOL mail account first to enjoy these facilities. In this context, the concerned user is essential to create an account. Provided below is the step by step guide for signup.

Create Account | AOL Mail Sign up & Login Guide

It is important first to ensure that the browser you use is of the most upgraded edition. On most occasions, account creation fails due to the usage of the older edition browser. If it is not updated, you should do it to avoid future inconveniences.

  • Visit the site through your upgraded browser. This will provide you the Signup/Account Creation platform for AOL Mail.
  • After reaching the site upon typing the above address in the address bar, you can find the ‘Create Account’ section at the left corner of the display.

Sign up Account

AOL sign up

AOL sign up

  • Upon putting a click on ‘Create Account,’ it redirects the user to the concerned window for account creation. Here you can find various sections asking details essential for account creation. It basically asks about First Name, Last Name, current email account, password, registered mobile number, date of birth, and gender.
  • If there is no other email id, you have to create one before the creation of the AOL account.

Choosing Password

  • Coming to a password, the password you provide for the account should not be the same as your previous mail. It is recommended to have two different passwords for safety concerns. Most importantly, the password you create is essential to have at least one uppercase letter, one lower case letter, anyone number, and a special symbol. Any of the above missing from your password will lead to an unsuccessful attempt.
  • As mentioned above, it is essential to provide only the registered mobile number that you have access to currently. The number you provide has to pass through the verification step; basically, for the verification of the account, you are up for creating. Hence, it is essential to keep the phone alongside while creating the account. It also asks the country code of the country you belong to. You can find the code for the country you belong to through dropdown. You have to provide country code before entering the mobile number.

Enter DOB details

  • Coming to birth date, you have to provide this by selecting the date, month, and year by selecting through the dropdown.
  • The final section of the process is for gender. However, this is an optional section, which can be skipped.
  • After filling out the sections above, the next step is about Terms and Privacy Policy. It is important to go through the Terms and Privacy Policy and then confirm. Only after you confirm, it will be considered as you show your accord with the terms in the document. You can find the link for Terms the whole documents just above of the Continue section. Click on the link to have access to the entire detail.

Account Verification:

  • Post going through the documents and confirming, you have to click on the ‘Continue’ key. This will direct you to the section for account verification.
  • At the account verification window, it asks you to allow for delivering the verification code. In this regard, you have first to select the “Text Me a Verification Code” tab. As mentioned above, AOL is going to deliver the code to the registered mobile number you provided above.
  • After receiving the code, you have to provide the same for proceeding towards verification.
  • Post providing the code in the desired field put a click on the “Verify” key. Upon clicking on ‘Verification,’ the account verification process can be completed.
  • Next, you have to put a click on the “Continue” tab to finish the process.

And now the process of creating the AOL mail account is finished. You can send/ receive mails from now. Once your work is done you need to logout your account for security purposes. Now, if you want to login to your account to check the mails, you need to follow the below steps for login procedure.

AOL Mail Login Process

After the successful creation of the account, the next step is towards logging in with the account. Follow the steps given below to successfully log-in with the account.

  • As discussed above, it is important first to ensure that the browser is thoroughly updated. Now open the updated web browser and type in the address within the URL bar and press Enter. This is going to redirect you to the page for AOL Mail Sign in page.
Aol mail sign in

Aol mail sign in

  • First of all, provide the email id you created following the above steps.
  • Once the account id is provided, asks the user whether he/she would wish to remain signed in with the concerned account. To do the same, you have to check (a tick mark is placed) within the checkbox. This check section can be found below the Next tab.
  • Do not check this section if you are using a shared system. You should only check this section only if the computer you use your personal system, which won’t compromise with your privacy. It is not recommended with the shared system as there remain threats of illicit access.
  • Now put a click on the ‘Next’ tab to be redirected towards the next window. Here you have to provide the password that you generated upon following the above steps while creating the account. It is here to note that the password is case sensitive in nature. Make sure you are putting the letters as per their proper cases.

In short, your dashboard looks like this after logging in to your account.

Aol Mail

Aol Mail


Finally, all things said and done, you simply have to put a click on the ‘Sign in’ section. Therefore, it ends the process of account creation, and you can have access to your own AOL Mail account.

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