Adding Email/Logo Signature in Outlook Mail

Add Email Signature in Outlook : First, we should know what the outlook is. It is mainly an email software that is owned by Microsoft, which enables or helps the user or a particular individual to send and receive the e-mail on a computer or laptop.

There two versions of outlook that are Microsoft outlook, and another one is Microsoft outlook express. The express version is the slim down version of outlook that was first started with windows 98 and later on. It was included in all the versions of windows. Outlook comes with corporate support. Outlook email software is commonly used in the corporate office. 

Adding Email / Logo Signature in Outlook Mail

outlook signature

outlook signature

In Outlook, you can also create your signature or personalized signature for your email id. The signature in the outlook can include a logo or some image, text, and even an e-business card. You can also put the image of your handwritten signature. Once the signature is added in the outlook, it will go with all the messages that you are sending.

Steps that are followed to put the signature in outlook

  1. First, you can open a new email message.
  2. After you have selected the message, then go to the menu and select the signature option. It depends upon the size of the outlook. If you are creating a new mail, then the signature button will be in a different location, and if you are just forwarding the email, it will be in different locations.
  3. Then you have to choose the select signature to edit and then choose the new option and then type a name in the dialog box or put up your signature.
  4. Under the edit signature option, you will have to compose your signature. It provides a facility like you can change the size; you can change the font and also the font of colors. You can choose one of the formats of your text, and then you copy it and then paste your signature in the edit signature place or box. If you want pre-design templates are available, you can choose from that also. To get the design from templates, you have first to download it in word and then customize it according to your choice; then you can copy it and paste it on the signature box.
  5. In a drop-down box of the e-mail account, you can choose an email account and associate it with your signature. You can different types of signature for each of your email accounts. If you want that by default, your signature should be added in all the messages, then in a drop-down box of new messages, you can select one of your signatures.
  6. After it, you can choose the ok option to save your new signature and again return to the message. Outlook will not add a new signature automatically. You will have to add a signature in each message manually, and then in the future, the signature will be added to all the messages automatically. If you want to add the signature manually, then you can easily select the signature from the message menu, and then you can select the signature that you have created.

 Add Logo Signature in Outlook

  • First, open a message and after that select signature.
  • Choose the signature in which you want to add a logo in the select signature in the edit box.
  • After that, you can select the icon of the image and then insert it.
  • After that, you will have to resize it. Do right click on the image and choose the picture you want after doing that you will have to select the size tab and check the ratio.
  • When it is done, and then click on ok to save it.

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